Student Theses of Maik Röper

Subject Tutor date of issue Status Student
Simulation of communication links between satellites and receivers on Earth Maik Röper
MohammadAmin Vakilifard
01/2023 in progress Alexander Coers, Jamuna Jolly, GnanaSreecheri Muttineni
OTFS for Satellite Communication Maik Röper
Alea Schröder
- in progress Avisham Kankari
MIMO Precoding over Satellite under Real-World Impairments Maik Röper - finished Kameel Khoury
Capacity Analysis for Satellite Formations Maik Röper - finished Riya Bhattacharjee
Cooperative Downlink in Multi-Satellite to Multi-User Scenario Maik Röper - finished Alea Schröder
Hybrid Precoding and Channel Estimation using Butler Matrices Maik Röper - finished Martin Jedon
Designing the PRACH (Physical Random-Access Channel) in 5G for LEO Satellite Communications Maik Röper - finished Hassan Ahmad
Space-Time Codes for Satellite Communication Maik Röper - finished Meng Chen
Rate-Splitting for Satellite to Land Mobile Communication Maik Röper - finished Kameel Khoury
Distributed Angle Domain Precoding Maik Röper - finished Alea Schröder
Hybrid Precoding Maik Röper - finished Martin Jedon
Study on Doppler Shift for LEO satellites Maik Röper - finished Hassan Ahmad
Orbit Simulation for Satellite Formation Flights in LEO Shengdi Wang
Maik Röper
- finished Zhengyu Chen
Robust Group Sparse Beamforming Maik Röper - finished Fayad Haddad
Distributed Channel Tracking and Beamforming using Kalman Filter Maik Röper - finished Weiyan Zhang
Group Sparse Beamforming for Small Cell Networks Maik Röper - finished Fayad Haddad
Convex Optimization for Precoder Design Maik Röper - finished Weiyan Zhang
Distributed Downlink Beamforming With Cooperative Base Stations Maik Röper - finished Michael Krumbeck
Distributed Precoding with imperfect Channel State Information Maik Röper - finished Philipp Rosenthal
Leakage-based Precoding Maik Röper - finished Kim Kramer
MU-MIMO precoding Maik Röper - finished Konstantin Geißinger
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