Finished studentische Arbeiten 2004

Subject Type of Thesis Finished Student Tutor
Comparison of different bit loading algorithms Studienarbeit (Dipl.) 12/2004 Mark Petermann Ronald Böhnke
Optimizing pilot aided channel estimation Projektarbeit (Dipl.) 12/2004 Tatjana Schmidt Ronald Böhnke
Sphere Decoding of Multi-Antenna Systems Projektarbeit (Dipl.) 08/2004 Xiaolong Ren Dirk Wübben
Detection of MIMO-Systems by Using Soft-Output-Information Studienarbeit (Dipl.) 08/2004 Neele von Deetzen Dirk Wübben
Equalization of multi-antenna systems in the frequency domain Projektarbeit (Dipl.) 07/2004 Mark Petermann Dirk Wübben
Analysis of Concatenated Systems based on EXIT Charts Projektarbeit (Dipl.) 05/2004 Hongyu Wang Ronald Böhnke
Application of Space-Time Codes in OFDM systems Projektarbeit (Dipl.) 04/2004 Neele von Deetzen Dirk Wübben
Noncoherent Sequence Estimation for Differentially Encoded Signals over Mobile Radio Channels Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 03/2004 Peter Klenner Ronald Böhnke
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