Finished studentische Arbeiten 2020

Subject Type of Thesis Finished Student Tutor
Deep Learning for Resource Allocation Master's thesis (MSc) 12/2020 Steffen Gracla Edgar Beck
Image Denosing with Neural Networks and Deep Learning Vertiefungsprojekt (BSc.) 11/2020 Lion Müller Matthias Hummert
Design and construction of a platform for temperature-field measurements Vertiefungsprojekt (BSc.) 09/2020 Daniel Helms, Alec Prinz Christopher Willuweit
Wireless Control of Inverted Pendulum Vertiefungsprojekt (BSc.) 09/2020 Patric Müller, Jannik Steenken Christopher Willuweit
5G NR Python Simulation Framework for URLLC Master's thesis (MSc) 09/2020 Niklas Bulk Johannes Demel
Orbit Simulation for Satellite Formation Flights in LEO Project (MSc) 09/2020 Zhengyu Chen Shengdi Wang
Maik Röper
Machine Learning Based Channel Estimation for large MIMO systems Project (MSc) 07/2020 Emmanuel Aguboshim Edgar Beck
Matthias Hummert
Unscented Kalman Filter Project (MSc) 04/2020 Steffen Gracla Shengdi Wang
Analysis Sparsity Reconstruction Algorithms for 2D Spectrum Sensing Project (MSc) 04/2020 Jieying Li Edgar Beck
Scheduling Algorithms for Low Latency without Retransmissions Project (MSc) 03/2020 Daniel Hotes Johannes Demel
SNR Estimation for Multicarrier Systems Bachelor thesis (BSc.) 03/2020 Viktor Stripling Johannes Demel
Deep Learning based End-to-End Communication Systems without a Channel Model Master's thesis (MSc) 02/2020 Kristina Krüger Edgar Beck
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