Projects (MSc)

Subject Tutor date of issue Status Student
Information Bottleneck-Based Quantization via Graph Partitioning Shayan Hassanpour - available -
Information Bottleneck Method for Decoder Design Tobias Monsees - available -
Research and Development with OpenAirInterface 5G Johannes Demel - available -
Discrete Message Passing Algorithms for Receiver Design Tobias Monsees - available -
Put theory into practice with GNU Radio Johannes Demel - available -
Information Bottleneck-Based Quantization via Integer Linear Programming Shayan Hassanpour - available -
Distributed Eigenvalue Computation Maik Röper 03/2020 in progress Sheena Moin
Beamspace MIMO for Satellite Communication Maik Röper 01/2020 in progress Martin Jedon
Realizing a communication system with Deep Learning and Hardware Matthias Hummert 11/2019 in progress Konstantin Geißinger
Machine Learning for MIMO Matthias Hummert 11/2019 in progress Nahidul Islam
Study on Doppler Shift for LEO satellites Maik Röper 11/2019 in progress Hassan Ahmad
Orbit Simulation for Satellite Formation Flights in LEO Shengdi Wang
Maik Röper
10/2019 in progress Zhengyu Chen
Machine Learning Based Channel Estimation for large MIMO systems Edgar Beck
Matthias Hummert
10/2019 in progress Emmanuel Aguboshim
Machine Learning GFDM Demodulator Johannes Demel
Edgar Beck
02/2019 in progress Sai Thejasvi Kothakota
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