Acquisition and Reconstruction of Compressed Signals with Applications in Wireless Neural Systems

Autor: T. Schnier
Prohibitively high data rates are one of the key challenges to overcome in many important applications.
Especially in neuroscience, this challenge is of high importance in order to better understand the neural activity of the human brain.
For this, one could use a wired connection, but this poses immense challenges. First, the necessary opening for the wire in the skull is prone to infections, and second, for permanent transmissions the movement of affected patients is severely limited. Thus, in this thesis, we deal with the challenge of data rate reduction in wireless data accumulation applications, as this issue is as important as it is prominent for many applications.
Especially in neuroscience, this allows to research feasible next generation wireless acquisition devices that can deliver detailed pulse shapes while still fulfilling the hardware constraints of area and power given.
Dokumenttyp: Dissertation
Veröffentlichung: Shaker Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8440-6593-0, Bremen, Deutschland, April 2019
Dateien: BibTEX
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