Linear high order distributed consensus algorithms in wireless sensor networks

Betreuer: Guang Xu
Art der Arbeit: Projekt (MSc)
Arbeit beendet: -
Bearbeiter: Yujing Zhang
Status: abgeschlossen

This project is focused on the distributed algorithms for the consensus estimation problem in a wireless sensor network, where a group of sensor nodes work cooperatively to detect signals emitted from some common source points. For the cooperation in the network, information is required to be exchanged among sensor nodes, and for the high order processing, multi-hops of data passing is taken into account. We will apply the multi-hops scheme to some exsisting distributed consensus algorithms including average consensus [1] and in-network regression consensus algorithms [2][3]. The peformance of the multi-hops scheme compared with the sigle-hop scheme is of interest to be investigated.


The student who involved in this project needs to do: 1. literature research, 2. understand the different distributed algorithms, 3. implement the corresponding algorithms with the multi-hops scheme as well as single hop scheme in matlab, and 4. evaluate the simulation results.


[1] Gang Xiong, "Linear High-order distributed average consensus algorithm in wireless sensor network"

[2] B. Johansson, "Subgradient methods and consensus algorithms for solving convex optimization problem"

[3] H. Paul, "In-network-processing: distributed consensus-based linear estímation"

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