Finished studentische Arbeiten 2009

Subject Type of Thesis Finished Student Tutor
Distributed Low-Density-Parity-Check-Codes in Relay-Networks Master's thesis (MSc) 11/2009 Wu Meng Dirk Wübben
Petra Weitkemper
Ampifly-and-Forwad and Decode-and-Forward Relaying Protocols Projektarbeit (Dipl.) 11/2009 Christoph Schmidt Dirk Wübben
Transmitter Pre-Correction of Tx and Rx I/Q Imbalance Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 10/2009 Marek Niemiec Mark Petermann
Information Theory for Relaying Systems Studienarbeit (Dipl.) 09/2009 Andree Lampe Dirk Wübben
Yidong Lang
Investigation of MIMO-Multihop Transmission Systems applying Distributed Space-Time Codes Master's thesis (MSc) 09/2009 Xiong Feifei Dirk Wübben
Yidong Lang
Capacity of MIMO-OFDM Systems Project (MSc) 08/2009 Zhiliang Chen Ronald Böhnke
Linear Pre-Equalization with Non-ideal Channel Reciprocity Master's thesis (MSc) 06/2009 Nisha Rose Varghese Mark Petermann
Comparison of Objective and Subjective Quality Measures for Dereverberation Algorithms Studienarbeit (Dipl.) 06/2009 Eugen Albertin Stefan Goetze
Mutual information based approximation of coded BER/ FER with finite signal alphabets Studienarbeit (Dipl.) 06/2009 Serkan Arikan Carsten Bockelmann
Comparison of Direction of Arrival Estimation (DOA) Algorithms for Multi-Channel Noise Reduction Schemes Studienarbeit (Dipl.) 06/2009 Wang Ying Stefan Goetze
Combination of Listening Room Compensation and Acoustic Echo Cancellers Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 05/2009 Peter Geßner Stefan Goetze
Realtime algorithms for Listening Room Compensation Projektarbeit (Dipl.) 02/2009 Eugen Albertin Stefan Goetze
Implementation of the 3GPP Hybrid-ARQ Scheme in C/C++ Projektarbeit (Dipl.) 01/2009 Feng Hua Mark Petermann
Multichannel noise reduction for hearing aid applications Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 01/2009 Timo Meyer Stefan Goetze
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