Human-integrated Swarm Exploration (HiSE)

Humans on Mars

In an extraterrestrial settlement the search for new resources by exploring, e.g. mineralogical or biologocal, processes, is essential for survival. Swarm exploration using robots as AI agents involves distributed processing of sensor data, intelligent information retrieval, and agent action coordination to reconstruct an unknown process. Thus, it deals with the concurrency of AI computations and exemplifies well the concept of distributed AI. At its core, however, this requires a tightly integrated design of exploration and communication to enable mutual awareness of the meaning and, relatedly, the uncertainties of the variables processed. In addition, the swarm's distributed AI must be augmented with human intelligence - human integrated swarm exploration. Only this guarantees careful decision making and thus avoidance of deadly hazards. 

The main goal of this project is the development of a framework as well as the design, investigation and proof-of-concept demonstration of algorithms and technologies to implement human integrated swarm exploration. The central research hypothesis of the project is that by using the tools of probabilistic learning, semantic context, and visualization of scientific data, we will be able to tightly integrate exploration with communication and integrate humans into the swarm - we extend distributed AI towards Distributed Human and Artificial Intelligence. 

This project also offers mid-to-long-term research problems being dealt with in future collaborative DFG projects. Examples include human-robot interface design with its semantic problems regarding human communication channels, and secondly, immersive swarm exploration, which is about integrating humans in terms of immersive engagement.

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Duration: 01/2022 - 12/2024
Funding:Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
Central Research Funding, University of Bremen
Partners:Bremen Institute for Structural Mechanics and Production Systems, University of Bremen
Department of Robotics, University of Bremen


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