Student Theses of Stefan Goetze

Subject Tutor date of issue Status Student
Joint Noise Reduction and Dereverberation Using Acoustic Multichannel Equalization Techniques Stefan Goetze - finished Ashish Sharma
Application of non-negative matrix factorization in speaker separation and speech recognition Stefan Goetze - finished Rajesh Murali
Frequency Domain Adaptive Filtering for Acoustic Echo Cancellation in Single Channel and Stereo Systems Stefan Goetze - finished Tianbao Zhang
Ein Ansatz zur passiven akustischen Durchflussmessung in Rohrleitungssystemen Stefan Goetze - finished Christopher Willuweit
Evaluation of Speech Intelligibility and Speech Quality of Dereverberated Signals Stefan Goetze - finished Eugen Albertin
Multichannel noise reduction for hearing aid applications Stefan Goetze - finished Timo Meyer
Comparison of Direction of Arrival Estimation (DOA) Algorithms for Multi-Channel Noise Reduction Schemes Stefan Goetze - finished Wang Ying
New Semiautomatioc Denoising Algorithms for Historic Music Recordings Stefan Goetze - finished Matthias Brandt
A Combined System for Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Listening-Room Compensation using the Proportionate LMS Algorithm Stefan Goetze - finished Xiong Fiefei
Comparison of Objective and Subjective Quality Measures for Dereverberation Algorithms Stefan Goetze - finished Eugen Albertin
Direction of Arrival Estimation for Multichannel Hearing Aids Stefan Goetze - finished Timo Meyer
Concept and Implementation of a Comprehensive AAC Decoder Testing Procedure Stefan Goetze - finished Jegaddeesan Nagappan
Realtime algorithms for Listening Room Compensation Stefan Goetze - finished Eugen Albertin
Adaptive Filtering Algorithms for Acoustic Echo Cancellation Stefan Goetze - finished Matthias Brandt
Analysis and Synthesis of the Chiff of Organ Pipes Stefan Goetze - finished Raphael Knoop
Combined Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction based on the Human Auditory System Stefan Goetze - finished Shan Zhao
Combination of Listening Room Compensation and Acoustic Echo Cancellers Stefan Goetze - finished Peter Geßner
Noise Reduction by Robust Beamforming Approaches Stefan Goetze - finished Shan Zhao
Direction of Arrival Estimation based on the Dual Delay Line Approach Stefan Goetze - finished Wang Ying
Analysis of different parameters in consideration of speech intellibility in car environments and evaluation of a software tool for speechquality Stefan Goetze - finished Karl Kreft
Noise reduction algorithms in C++ Stefan Goetze - finished Matthias Brandt, Timo Meyer
Post-filtering for unaffected transmission of stereo-signals Stefan Goetze - finished Guido Wübbels
Acoustic Echo Compensation in Visual C++ Stefan Goetze - finished Denny Schmidt
Multi-channel measurements of room impulse responses Stefan Goetze - finished Marion Theobald
Joint optimization of adaptive beamformers and adaptive echo compensation Stefan Goetze - finished Cemal Töngel
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