Finished studentische Arbeiten 2018

Subject Type of Thesis Finished Student Tutor
Convex Optimization for Precoder Design Project (MSc) 12/2018 Weiyan Zhang Maik Röper
Distributed consensus-based state estimation in sensor networks with limited sensing range Project (MSc) 11/2018 Ziyun Yang Shengdi Wang
Distributed Kalman Filtering for Large-Scale Dynamic Systems with Sparsely Coupled States Master's thesis (MSc) 09/2018 Lukas Zumvorde Henning Paul
Shengdi Wang
Distributed Downlink Beamforming With Cooperative Base Stations Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 09/2018 Michael Krumbeck Maik Röper
Spectral estimation for multiuser detection in analog sensor nets Bachelor thesis (BSc.) 07/2018 Martin Jedon Carsten Bockelmann
Christopher Willuweit
SDR based FM radio demodulation and construction of a yagi-uda antenna Elektrotechnisches Projekt (BSc.) 07/2018 Michael Vogt, Lorenz Grundhoff Christopher Willuweit
Aufbau eines SDR-basierten UKW-Empfängers Elektrotechnisches Projekt (BSc.) 07/2018 Michael Vogt, Lorenz Grundhoff Christopher Willuweit
Analysis and Implementation of non-cooperative localization in wireless systems Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 06/2018 Robert Dobrzynski Christopher Willuweit
Investigation on distributed Kalman filtering using diffusion strategies Project (MSc) 06/2018 Lingrui Zhu Shengdi Wang
Optimized Implementation and Performance Analysis of Polar Decoders for General Purpose Processors Master's thesis (MSc) 06/2018 Florian Lotze Johannes Demel
Improved I/Q-Forwarding in Distributed Systems Master's thesis (MSc) 05/2018 Michael Krasnitskij Dirk Wübben
Tobias Monsees
Leakage-based Precoding Master's thesis (MSc) 04/2018 Kim Kramer Maik Röper
Modulation Classification via Variational Inference Project (MSc) 04/2018 Lennart Stuchtey Edgar Beck
Off-the-shelf hardware receiver for micro-satellites Diplomarbeit (Dipl.) 03/2018 Ferdinand Stehle Dirk Wübben
Christopher Willuweit
Information Bottleneck Method in Distributed Systems Master's thesis (MSc) 03/2018 Carlos Osorio Dirk Wübben
Shayan Hassanpour
MU-MIMO precoding Bachelor thesis (BSc.) 02/2018 Konstantin Geißinger Maik Röper
Distributed Precoding with imperfect Channel State Information Master's thesis (MSc) 02/2018 Philipp Rosenthal Maik Röper
A Comparative Study of UFMC and OFDM Master's thesis (MSc) 01/2018 Pubali Mukherjee Johannes Demel
An investigation of FBMC for MIMO systems Master's thesis (MSc) 01/2018 Li Yueheng Johannes Demel
Scheduling Algorithms for Closed-Loop Real-Time Systems Master's thesis (MSc) 01/2018 Sven Schmidt Johannes Demel
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