Advanced Channel Coding

Lecturer: D. Wübben
Tutor: M. Hummert
Lecture: Monday 8:30 - 10:00
Exercise: Tuesday 8:30 - 10:00
VAK: 01-15-03-CCod2-V

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Mo, 02.11.20208:30LectureConcatenated Codes: Introduction, Interleaving, Product CodesD. Wübben
Tu, 03.11.20208:30LectureConcatenated Codes: Turbo-Codes, Influence of Constituent Codes and Interleaver, Distance Properties, Log Likelihood Ratio, L-AlgebraD. Wübben
Mo, 09.11.20208:30LectureConcatenated Codes: Soft-Info, General Approach, BCJR
D. Wübben
Tu, 10.11.20208:30ExerciseConcatenated Codes
Exercise 1.1: Decoding sequence of linear product codes
Exercise 1.2: L-Algebra
Exercise 1.3: Comparison of the exact solution and approximation of LLR combining
Exercise 1.4: Soft-output decoding of SPC codes
M. Hummert
Mo, 16.11.20208:30LectureConcatenated Codes: BCJR, Iterative Decoding, Repeat Accumulate CodesD. Wübben
Tu, 17.11.20208:30LectureConcatenated Codes: EXIT-ChartsD. Wübben
Mo, 23.11.20208:30ExerciseConcatenated Codes
Exercise 1.5: BCJR decoding of a convolutional code
Exercise 1.6: Decoding of a modified product code
M. Hummert
Tu, 24.11.20208:30LectureConcatenated Codes: BICMD. Wübben
Mo, 30.11.20208:30ExerciseConcatenated Codes
Exercise 1.7: EXIT-Charts
M. Hummert
Tu, 01.12.20208:30LectureLDPC: Regular codes, Factor Graphs, Irregular
D. Wübben
Mo, 07.12.20208:30LectureLDPC: Irregular Codes, Message PassingD. Wübben
Tu, 08.12.20208:30LectureLDPC: Density Evolution, Discrete DecoderD. Wübben
Mo, 14.12.20208:30ExerciseLDPC
Exercise 2.1: Decoding of (7,4,3)-Hamming Code using an LDPC decoder
Exercise 2.2: Density evolution and threshold evaluation for a regular LDPC code
M. Hummert
Tu, 15.12.20208:30LectureLDPC: Sudoku
Non-Binary Codes: Finite Fields
D. Wübben
Mo, 21.12.20208:30ExerciseFinite Field Algebra
Exercise 4.1: Fields
Exercise 4.2: Extension of a non-binary field
Exercise 4.3: Extension of a binary field
M. Hummert
Tu, 22.12.20208:30LectureNon-Binary Codes: Cyclic Codes, Spectral Transformation, Reed-SolomonD. Wübben
Mo, 11.01.20218:30LectureNon-Binary Codes: BCH, DecodingD. Wübben
Tu, 12.01.20218:30ExerciseNon-Binary Codes:
Exercise 4.4: Reed Solomon Codes
Exercise 4.5: BCH codes
M. Hummert
Mo, 18.01.20218:30LectureTCM: Introduction, Linear Digital Modulation, PrinciplesD. Wübben
Tu, 19.01.2021 LectureTCM: TCM by Ungerböck, ML-DecodingD. Wübben
Mo, 25.01.20218:30ExerciseTrelliscoded Modulation (TCM)
Exercise 5.1: Field of signals
Exercise 5.2: TCM calculation
Exercise 5.3: Transmission scheme
M. Hummert
Tu, 26.01.20218:30LectureTCM: Performance Approximation, Pragmatic Approach, Multilevel Codes, TCM in Modem Technology
D. Wübben
Mo, 01.02.20218:30Lecture D. Wübben
Tu, 02.02.20218:30Lecture D. Wübben
Mo, 08.02.20218:30Lecture D. Wübben
Tu, 09.02.20218:30Lecture D. Wübben
Mo, 15.02.20218:30ExerciseAdaptive Error Control
Exercise 3.1: Go-Back-N strategy
Exercise 3.2: Hybrid ARQ
M. Hummert
Tu, 16.02.20218:30Lecture D. Wübben


1. Concatenated Codes and Iterative Decoding
kc2_kap1.pdf1.7 MB
2. Trelliscoded Modulation
kc2_kap2.pdf1.4 MB
3. Adaptive Error Control
kc2_kap3.pdf880 KB
Inhaltsverzeichnis der Vorlesung
kc2_skript_inhalt.pdf15 KB
1. Verkettete Codes und iterative Decodierung
kc2_skript_kap1.pdf422 KB
2. Trelliscodierte Modulation
kc2_skript_kap2.pdf395 KB
3. Adaptive Fehlerkontrolle
kc2_skript_kap3.pdf226 KB
Complete Script (Chapter 1-3)
kc2_skript.pdf965 KB


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